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Dependable Family Lawyer in Windsor at Your Service

Legal disputes among family members and spouses are especially difficult. That’s why at Beaumont Law Offices, our goal is to provide you with honest and reliable advice to reduce the conflict that accompanies these highly confusing and stressful times. We want you to understand and actively participate in the formation of resolutions to ensure you feel you’ve been heard and treated fairly, while still preserving positive relationships where possible. We aim to provide a voice to parties who otherwise feel small and insignificant in the negotiation and litigation processes.

We handle all areas of family law. If you are facing a separation or divorce and need to make sure your rights are respected, consult with Beaumont Law Offices where we truly believe that families come first. We are dedicated to providing confidential, professional service in all matters of family law. Our ultimate goal is to provide you the best legal assistance possible and our reputation speaks for itself.

Collaborative Practice in Windsor

At Beaumont Law Offices, we believe that the traditional adversarial litigation system is not always the only and/or best path to resolve every Family Law dispute. People who wish to separate from their spouse in a respectful manner, without going to court, can opt for a collaborative process. In this process the parties work with lawyers who are trained in the collaborative process on a case by case basis. It also allows for the additional benefit of child and financial specialists, family professionals, and other experts working together and not against each other.

Collaborative family law processes are also referred to as “no-court divorce,” “divorce with dignity,” and “peaceful divorce” because both spouses get support, protection, and guidance without going to court. 

Our Practice Areas

Some of the family law services provided by Beaumont Law Offices in Windsor are:


Separation agreements

Paternity and parenting agreements


Property division and support issues

Cohabitation agreements and marriage contracts

Custody and access issues

Notary public services and statutory declarations

Unbundled services available for self-presented litigants

Independent legal advice

Preparation of wills and power of attorney for property and personal care

Need Help With a Family Law Matter?

We can help you protect your family, resolve conflicts, and begin a new life.

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